Advance Translations LLC is a leading translation company that specializes in providing high-quality document translation services. Document translation is a complex process that involves several stages as follows:

1. Translation

Each translator is carefully selected based on their years of experience, certification, and proven track record of successful translation projects. A lead translator with expertise in the relevant subject matter will be assigned to each project to carry out the initial round of translation. The lead translator will ensure that the style, tone, and subtleties of the source content are accurately conveyed in the translated content. This ensures that the translated content is linguistically and culturally appropriate for the intended audience. We never rely on software or machine translation to perform our work. We believe in the importance of human expertise and attention to detail in achieving the highest quality translations.

2. Revising (Editing)

Revising or editing is a crucial step that ensures the accuracy, formatting, and quality of the translated content. Revising involves reviewing the translated content against the source content to determine its suitability for the intended purpose. During the revising phase, a second equally qualified translator will review the initial translation for errors, inconsistencies, and cultural appropriateness.
The revisers are proficient in various languages and subject matters, and they work closely with our translators to ensure that the final translation is of the highest quality.

3. Proofreading

Proofreading is a meticulous evaluation of a written document that aims to ensure mechanical correctness in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, spacing, formatting, and typographical errors. It is the final stage of the writing process that should only be undertaken after all other revisions and editing have been completed. During this phase, attention is paid to identifying and correcting omitted words, as well as ensuring consistent spacing and formatting throughout the document. The ultimate goal of proofreading is to produce a polished and error-free document that is ready for publication or submission.

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