On-Site Interpretation

On-site interpretation is the process of providing language interpretation services at a physical location or event. This can include interpreting in person at a meeting, conference, or legal proceeding, among other venues. On-site interpreters facilitate communication between individuals who speak different languages and ensure that all parties understand the information being conveyed. They may use consecutive or simultaneous interpretation techniques to accurately convey the meaning and intent of the speaker. On-site interpretation is a multi faceted process that involves several stages as follows:

1. Preparation

Before the event, the interpreter must prepare themselves by researching the topic of the event, familiarizing themselves with the industry-specific terminology and creating a glossary of key terms in both languages. They may also communicate with the event organizers to understand the agenda, the number of speakers, and the expected duration of the event.

2. Interpretation

During the event, the interpreter will be present on-site to perform the interpretation services. They will use their language skills to convey the meaning of the spoken words from one language to the other, ensuring that all parties understand the information being conveyed. The interpreter may use consecutive or simultaneous interpretation techniques, depending on the needs of the event.

3. Follow-up

After the event, the interpreter may provide a summary of the interpreted content, including any key points or questions raised during the event. They may also provide feedback to the event organizers, including any suggestions for improvement or any issues that arose during the interpretation process. The interpreter may also be available for follow-up communication or further interpretation services if needed.

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