Video Conference Interpretation (VCI)

Video-Conference-Interpretation (VCI) is a type of interpretation service that allows individuals who do not share a common language to communicate via video conferencing technology with the assistance of a professional interpreter.

During a video conference interpretation, the interpreter listens to one or more speakers and then interprets their spoken words into the target language in real-time. The interpreter’s voice is then transmitted back to the speakers via the video conferencing technology, allowing for seamless communication between all parties. It is a highly effective way to facilitate communication between individuals who speak different languages regardless of their location. (VCI) comprises a series of stages that can be identified and grouped as follows:

1. Preparation

This stage involves meticulous preparation for the video remote interpretation session. The interpreter must ensure that they possess the necessary equipment, such as a computer with a high-quality webcam, microphone, and reliable internet connection. Additionally, they need to familiarize themselves with the subject matter and any relevant terminology to ensure accurate and effective communication.

2. Interpretation

This is the core stage of video remote interpretation, where the interpreter provides real-time interpretation services via video conferencing software. During the session, the interpreter listens attentively to the speaker and translates their words into the target language for the listener. The interpreter may also provide cultural context and clarification to ensure that the message is not lost in translation.

3. Follow-up

After the event, the interpreter may provide a summary of the interpreted content, including any key points or questions raised during the event. They may also provide feedback to the event organizers, including any suggestions for improvement or any issues that arose during the interpretation process. The interpreter may also be available for follow-up communication or further interpretation services if needed.

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