Over The Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI) is a type of interpretation service where an interpreter provides interpretation over the phone to facilitate communication between two or more parties who do not share a common language. This service is typically used in situations when immediate interpretation services are required or where it would be impractical to have an interpreter present. (OPI) process consists of multiple stages as follows:

1. Connecting with the Interpreter

Once the interpreter has been scheduled, the parties requiring interpretation services are connected with the interpreter via a phone call or conference call. During this stage, the interpreter will introduce themselves and confirm the languages that they will be interpreting between.

2. Interpretation

The interpretation stage is the most crucial stage of OPI. During this stage, the interpreter listens carefully to the speaker and interprets their words into the target language. The interpreter must ensure that they convey the message accurately and effectively, and they may ask for clarification from either party if necessary to ensure accurate interpretation.

3. Follow-up

After the event, the interpreter may provide a summary of the interpreted content, including any key points or questions raised during the event. They may also provide feedback to the event organizers, including any suggestions for improvement or any issues that arose during the interpretation process. The interpreter may also be available for follow-up communication or further interpretation services if needed.

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